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Memory: Consolidation, Extinction, Reconsolidation

Memory Consolidation, Extinction, Reconsolidation

Background Classical conditioning is a form of memory.  The “classic” example of classical conditioning derives from the experimental studies of Ivan Pavlov with dogs.  The sound of a bell, announcing the impending arrival of…

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How to Change Your PTSD Habits

Change Your PTSD Habits

The caudate nucleus, buried beneath the cerebral cortex, is involved in habit formation.  Evidence from brain imaging studies suggests that new habits may be established during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, when our most vivid and…

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Why We Dream: Future, Present, or Past

One of the continuing mysteries about human existence is the topic of “why we dream”.  Dreaming is not unique to humans.  Mammals and birds probably dream as well, though we can’t be certain what they dream about.  The same is…

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Dreaming and PTSD

There are two current treatments for PTSD that involve dreams.  One treatment is dream revision, the focus of this website.  The other treatment is the anti-hypertensive medication, prazosin, which has been shown to block nightmares (as…

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