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Truth and Fiction

At first glance, truth and fiction appear to be opposites, but if we think of Fiction, including novels, plays, poems, then truth and (great) fiction may actually be synonyms.  Certainly there is truth in Tolstoy’s War and Peace,…

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Take Control of your Triggers

In the world of PTSD sufferers, a “trigger” is a sensory experience (a sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, or pain) that brings back (or “triggers”) memories of their original trauma.  The memories, in turn, trigger flashbacks, and…

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Nightmares and Waking Life

Nightmares (during sleep) and flashbacks (during waking) are the hallmarks of PTSD.  Some people with PTSD are more troubled by nightmares, others by flashbacks.  Many people with PTSD are troubled by both.  Daytime “triggers” can…

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What is Trauma?

    In a medical sense, a trauma is a wound or injury to the body.  A trauma center is a place where such bodily injuries are treated.  People with severe injuries (from automobile accidents, explosions, fires, etc.) may be flown long…

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Stimulants and PTSD

A recent editorial by Richard A. Friedman, MD, in the NY Sunday Times for 4/22/12, raises the issue of stimulant use possibly exacerbating PTSD symptoms in US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is an important issue for the US…

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