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How to Change Your PTSD Nightmare


Michele Rosenthal is the lively and engaging hostess on a radio call-in show, “Changing Direction”, which airs on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2PM EST.  I have now appeared on her show three times in the past few months (February 6, May…

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Why We Dream: Future, Present, or Past

One of the continuing mysteries about human existence is the topic of “why we dream”.  Dreaming is not unique to humans.  Mammals and birds probably dream as well, though we can’t be certain what they dream about.  The same is…

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The Alligator Story

I do have an alligator story… She was a whistleblower and she was working for a large corporation, and having dreams about alligators. In one dream the alligator was biting her in the behind, biting her clothes actually and in…

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