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How to Change Your PTSD Nightmare


Michele Rosenthal is the lively and engaging hostess on a radio call-in show, “Changing Direction”, which airs on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2PM EST.  I have now appeared on her show three times in the past few months (February 6, May…

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Truth and Fiction

At first glance, truth and fiction appear to be opposites, but if we think of Fiction, including novels, plays, poems, then truth and (great) fiction may actually be synonyms.  Certainly there is truth in Tolstoy’s War and Peace,…

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Posttraumatic Art

    Recovery from PTSD requires that one address the trauma at some point.  Dream revision therapy, as described in earlier blogs, is a method for addressing trauma through posttraumatic dreams or nightmares.  If the dream is…

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Cognitive Dissonance, PTSD, and Control

Cognitive dissonance, first described in 1956 by Festinger, is a psychological state in which one holds two conflicting beliefs at the same time.  Most people are uncomfortable in this state of mind, and try to reduce the conflict,…

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What is Trauma?

    In a medical sense, a trauma is a wound or injury to the body.  A trauma center is a place where such bodily injuries are treated.  People with severe injuries (from automobile accidents, explosions, fires, etc.) may be flown long…

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Bruce Dow blogging

Combat-related emotional stress has been called soldier’s heart, shell shock, battle fatigue, and since the early 1970’s, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Posttraumatic stress (PTS) is often said to be unique among currently defined…

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