The Alligator Story

November 2, 2011

I do have an alligator story…

She was a whistleblower and she was working for a large corporation, and having dreams about alligators.

In one dream the alligator was biting her in the behind, biting her clothes actually and in other dreams the alligators were swimming in a river where she was in a boat, or chasing her up a field.

She was a therapist and understood dream symbolism and we discussed what the alligator meant and it was probably her employer. The employer was angry with her for blowing the whistle. She was involved in several lawsuits: one to get benefits for her being off work and the second to get benefits for harrasment from the company, and she actually won both of those lawsuits. I didn’t really change her dreams but just helped her interpret them and take action.

In the end she did recover and went back to work and won two legal victories against her employer.